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It is all started with one grant from International Visegrad Fund....

The project "Debate Education in Museums Across Central and Eastern Europe" fills the existing gap in the field of innovative museum education through research, capacity building and establishment of a durable partnerships. Additionally, the project increases the volume of well-research educational tools which can be adopted to specific local needs. Through encouraging cooperation among debate education organizations and museums, the project identifies new areas of cooperation, as well as establishes partnerships strengthening the civil society. Increasing the knowledge of innovative educational tools among museum staff and improving the cooperation between NGOs directly improves attractiveness of museums and cultural institutions in the region. Thus, the project indirectly increases awareness of common cultural heritage among visiting local youth. Lastly, debate education in museums facilitates the access of local young people to soft skills indispensable for active participation in culture and democracy, but also valuable on the labor market. The project aims to operationalize and disseminate the know-how accumulated by Polska Debatuje through:

  1. research of institutional aptness of museums in Central Europe to use debates as a tool engaging and educating the public, especially youth;

  2. building a real partnership between educators and museum practitioners from Central Europe in order to identify synergies within debate education and museology;

  3. producing and disseminating a research-based handbook of good practices addressed to debate education NGOs and museum professionals in the region.

...And now we are focusing on introducing debate as an educational tool in museums all over CEE!

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