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Debate in museums – Research Report

The results of research conducted in 62 museums from six Central and Eastern European countries discovered that there is a growing demand for dialogue with the audience. The need for museums to find new ways to engage visitors, especially young people, is a challenge that must be met.

Introducing elements of competitive debate, such as: argumenting, critical thinking, and openness to other opinions into educational projects in cultural institutions can help them attract the attention of youth.

Museum exhibitions – both permanent and temporary – are endless inspiration for discussion. The Polish Debating Foundation's research shows that issues worth mentioning are, among others: the questions of national, regional or folk identity; multiculturalism, (in)tolerance for diversity, the role of heritage in social unity, as well as topics related to ecology and environmental challenges.

The Research Report is available in PDF and can be downloaded without limitation.

The Research Report is available in English and Polish.

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