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Museum as a perfect SPACE for debate.

Museum education brings the possibility of shaping social and cultural competences, teaches establishing direct contacts with other people – not only participants, but also artists, curators and animators. Moreover, in the museum space, meetings with others take place in the reality. And even if it is an online event, the character of the institutions remains the same. We were asking our trainers after workshops – why the venue is important for debaters. Here is some thoughts on the subject:

The first tournament I have ever attended what hosted at the Silesian Parliament. It was year 2005 and I remember how this great venue inspired me to deliver animated speeches. Later in my debating career, when most debating tournaments started happening in school classrooms, I never felt the same way. When delivering a speech in the Silesian Parliament I was elevated, in classrooms I felt that what I am doing is more of a routine, ordinary speaking exercise. One can argue that in debating, the venue matters as much as preparation. It creates a scene for arguments to get in the spotlight.

This is why, I was very happy when during the discussions at a workshop concerning the resources museums can use to create meaningful partnerships with debating organizations, the aspect of museum as a venue for debating took the center stage. All participants agreed that there is a great opportunity to use the museum halls for debating activities. Hopefully, one of the future debaters delivering her speech in a museum, will feel the same way I did in the Silesian Parliament.

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