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Warsaw Debate League in the National Museum in Warsaw

We are at the halfway point of "The art of the debate, debate about art" project led by the National Museum in Warsaw and our Foundation. Since October, participants took part in three workshops with guided tours in the Museum and three rounds of debates.

During the project we created special publications for all of debaters. Each unit has its subject focused on issues relating to the importance of art, artists and institutions in society today, and questions regarding to the mission of museums. The last topic selected for debate was an ecology and museum activities that can support pro-ecological ideas.

Every brochure is published on open access basis. You can download it for free, whereas they are available only in Polish.


This House believes that national museums should not exhibit or collect works by living artists.
This House believes that works of art should be interpreted according to the spirit of the era in which they were created, and not according to contemporary criteria.


This chamber believes that Józef Chełmoński's paintings reflect the spirit of Polish culture in the second half of the 19th century better than the works of Aleksander Gierymski.
This chamber believes that the ideals of Polish Romanticism enshrined in the art of the 19th century have a positive impact on Polish identity.


This House believes that we should base our relationship with nature on partnership, not on its subordination.
This House supports the organization of museum exhibitions based on 100% recyclable materials.

Participants are now waiting for the results and information who is going to be in the quarterfinal, the semifinal and the grand final!

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