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Workshop Schedule

Our project "Debate Education in Museums Across Central and Eastern Europe" consist of three main elements:

  1. Introductory research

  2. Workshop session for 120 educators

  3. Final Handbook "Museums as deliberative spaces: engaging audiences through debating in Eastern and Central European museums. Mapping and diagnosis"

Between 17th and 25th March Polska Debatuje Foundation will organise online workshop for at least 120 participants.

The workshop session will be in form of 4 days of intensive training (3 sessions a day, workshop and case studies, separate and mixed sessions for debate and museum educators). Exemplary session topics: how to establish cooperation between museum and NGO organisation, how to create debate motions suited for museums and school curriccula.

We encourage you to read the workshop schedule and meet our 12 trainers.

Event Schedule (12)
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